By Angelo Margaronis

“Plan of the day:

Give thanks once I awaken instantly. Feel good right from the start of the day. If I don’t feel good, I create the good vibration within my spirit with the part of me that is invisible in this 3d reality. I create the flow that I am flowing with. I feel bliss every step I walk. I maintain a level of silence to read what information/energy I am being given. Call, text, speak to those I feel deep love and connection for and with. Call and text any random person who pops in my mind for they need to hear me. Express my intense love where I feel I want to express it. Give thanks to the lady who will make my coffee. Work out and get physical so I create an automatic flow. ACKNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND THIS JOURNEY IS MORE PERFECT THAN MY UNDERSTANDING OF IT, SO GIVE THANKS ONCE AGAIN. Feel abundant so I can create abundance. Give my best with every second I express being in this realm. Feel good and manifest. And lastly, dancing and singing through this all.”

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