Let’s talk about love: How a brown dog changed my life.


September 2009- it was evening and I was sitting in the living room with my brother. He hung up the phone, turned to me and said, “puppy is coming.” A friend of his had to give up a puppy she recently adopted and decided to give him to my family. I didn’t know it yet, but this brown puppy was about to shake things up.

we named him Loki (meaning god of mischief)


Half jack- russell terrier and half pit-bull, Loki is hyper, playful, independent and mischievous.

I write about Loki, because he is the brown dog that changed my life. Before Loki, I had no idea the beneficial impact animals have on us human beings. After living with Loki, my heart has expanded 100 times over. Ponder the image of the Grinch who stole Christmas- whose heart grew 3x after he was kind to others. That’s kind of like what Loki has caused in me and what he continues to do for me. I continue to discover a depth of love within myself I have no idea was ever there. A new dimension of the self that takes me by surprise all the time.

We have a lot to learn from animals. Their silence. An intuition they possess that humans lack. Whatever it is, I am happy they are around.

There is no end to the love that is within all of us. There are no limitations. So I encourage everyone to look forward to that whether the object of your affection is an animal, your significant other, a friend or a passion of yours. The best is yet to come… the love is infinite…


Has a furry friend inspired this type of love in you? The feeling of love hits us in so many different ways! I would love to hear your unique stories in the comments below.

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Happy Day of Love: 2/14/13 ❤

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  1. Loki is a beautiful dog and I feel the same as you! There are times when I’m feeling sad and she knows she should be next to me. They possess a love that you just can’t explain – you feel it in your whole body. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Gypsy. Even when I’m having a bad day at work, I think that I will go home and having her run up to me and giving her a tight squeeze that my stress level has went down. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

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