So Called Beliefs


Ever notice that moment (or moments) in a conversation when opinions are being thrown around and you all of a sudden get than PANG feeling- that moment when someone threatens your belief?

Happens all the time. Happened to me yesterday. An individual asked me what was new in my life and I expressed to this person about the direction I am headed in- that I would like to help people from a spiritual lens. That person responded by saying- “oh though spiritism? I would never go down that path. It goes against my religion” in a negative undertone. I didn’t know what the word spiritism meant exactly- but the tone said it all and I felt that PANG- I (or rather, my ego) felt insulted and threatened. I felt my ego rise like a fire. (And by the way- spiritism from the Christians’ perspective means connection to the spirits- both angelic and demonic- I looked it up). For me at least, there is nothing demonic about what I would like to do. However, an assumption was made. A question was not.

I am coming to the heartfelt understanding that it doesn’t matter what people think. Not everything that you will SAY or DO will win the approval of others. That means, you should SAY and DO whatever you like. To do otherwise is a betrayal to your soul. It is a lie.

It’s also worth noticing that we (as a mass consciousness) identify so HARD with our beliefs. The moment someone contradicts a belief we hold, we become defensive. Why is that? Well, it is because deep down- we feel the possibility that they might be right. And that shakes our whole belief system, which scares us. I did it yesterday but I caught myself. And I encourage you to carefully watch your own ego and thinking mind. The defensive feeling holds no purpose for you- as it keeps you in a place where you simply cannot grow. And rather than make an assumption, ask a question. This serves you better.

Our so called “beliefs” are not us because they CHANGE all the time. And so we should. We are meant to expand and change- absorb and release- breathe in and breathe out. Why put a limit on our beliefs? Why not be limitless?

Once we understand this in our hearts (not minds) we gain so much wealth. We become wealthy because we don’t possess a desperate dependency to get people to agree with us. We become wealthy because once we find the strength to say what is true to our souls we discover a genuine creativity which in turn leads us to produce something uniquely us. It is that unique gift inside us that the world needs.


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