What is the size of your faith?


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step-” Martin Luther King Jr.

Did u know that we as human beings can have whatever we want? We can overcome disease in body and mind. Yes it’s true don’t let anyone tell you different. Empirical support exists. In many books. Lots of diverse material out there all saying the same thing and I would be happy to provide a list to all who ask.
All I ask you is to have an open mind to this- consider it- if only for a moment. I guarantee at least one part of this concept has or will resonate with your soul as we are all one – sharing the truth of love and you cannot deny that from the bottom of your heart. There is no disconnection whatsoever. If u believe so, it is a lie. If u give to another u will feel love. Do not be scarce with your heart. Be generous. Allow inspiration to flow through you and do not forget you are a beautiful instrument with your own beautiful evolving gifts so give purpose to those gifts.  Allow yourself to feel, own and give back to the world. Like the cycle of our earth and water, energy is a continuous life giving moving force.
I write spontaneously because I see many dimensions in my heart that what’s written above happens to be our true nature. As a mass consciousness, we have many steps to take towards enlightenment but once you’ve seen a glimpse of this truth, you cannot turn back. All I ask of you, is to take the first step- take the first step in faith. Give your attention to one beautiful aspect inside of you and one aspect outside of you. Recognize the power in simple recognition. Grow in this faith.

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