open mic



15 year old jumped on the stage with a swirl

Talked about the void that existed inside of her

Said she’s seeking something she cannot find each day during the grind

15 year old girlie kept on telling her story

Expressed that in fact she doesn’t know what it is that makes her worry

About what she seeks but cannot find

She wants it so bad and doesn’t know why

O girl, get our of yourself so you can fly

Fly fly and get away from your body and thinking mind

So you can discover what really counts

Get off your mount

Come down and see

A whole wide world full of people who don’t amount


To you

But it’s true

True that they do

Because they are you

And really I am speaking to me

I’m beginning to see that there’s a way to be free

And it doesn’t occur when I’m enveloped in thoughts, sadness, inferiority or superiority

I have to let go of this stress

Equalize my heart with others and then I can rest

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