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So Called Beliefs


Ever notice that moment (or moments) in a conversation when opinions are being thrown around and you all of a sudden get than PANG feeling- that moment when someone threatens your belief?

Happens all the time. Happened to me yesterday. An individual asked me what was new in my life and I expressed to this person about the direction I am headed in- that I would like to help people from a spiritual lens. That person responded by saying- “oh though spiritism? I would never go down that path. It goes against my religion” in a negative undertone. I didn’t know what the word spiritism meant exactly- but the tone said it all and I felt that PANG- I (or rather, my ego) felt insulted and threatened. I felt my ego rise like a fire. (And by the way- spiritism from the Christians’ perspective means connection to the spirits- both angelic and demonic- I looked it up). For me at least, there is nothing demonic about what I would like to do. However, an assumption was made. A question was not.

I am coming to the heartfelt understanding that it doesn’t matter what people think. Not everything that you will SAY or DO will win the approval of others. That means, you should SAY and DO whatever you like. To do otherwise is a betrayal to your soul. It is a lie.

It’s also worth noticing that we (as a mass consciousness) identify so HARD with our beliefs. The moment someone contradicts a belief we hold, we become defensive. Why is that? Well, it is because deep down- we feel the possibility that they might be right. And that shakes our whole belief system, which scares us. I did it yesterday but I caught myself. And I encourage you to carefully watch your own ego and thinking mind. The defensive feeling holds no purpose for you- as it keeps you in a place where you simply cannot grow. And rather than make an assumption, ask a question. This serves you better.

Our so called “beliefs” are not us because they CHANGE all the time. And so we should. We are meant to expand and change- absorb and release- breathe in and breathe out. Why put a limit on our beliefs? Why not be limitless?

Once we understand this in our hearts (not minds) we gain so much wealth. We become wealthy because we don’t possess a desperate dependency to get people to agree with us. We become wealthy because once we find the strength to say what is true to our souls we discover a genuine creativity which in turn leads us to produce something uniquely us. It is that unique gift inside us that the world needs.


Are you stuck?


Happy Tuesday!

So, this blog is my brand new infant baby. Although I know am meant to express love through the written word, writing content doesn’t always come so easily. In fact, I have come to learn that divine inspiration comes through when you least expect it. It just “hits” you and when it does, I push my pen into the paper and run with it.

But this morning I was feeling frustrated again. I know that helping people through a spiritual lens is my calling however, I still get stuck. Rather than become frustrated, doubtful and fearful, I did something very simple. I sat in silence and I simply asked the question “What do I do?” Divine energy- my true energy came through. Source told me to be myself. This article is the manifestation of the answer I received.

So, no matter where you find yourself- no matter what you are doing with your life- if you are trying to figure out a solution to a problem or an answer to a question skip the DRAMA, FRUSTRATION, SELF PITY AND WORRY. It does nothing for you. Sit for a couple of minutes with an open mind and heart. Your soul which is directly connected to this beautiful universe will light the way. Ask and you shall receive. You are everything you need. Come home to yourself.

For every question there is an answer. For every problem there is a solution. And you don’t have to do much at all. This also does not mean you don’t look at the problem/question. Avoidance is certainly not the order of business. Rather:




Close your eyes

Ask the Question.

Exercise Patience.

Remember, the chaotic mind has no space for answers, solutions or divine inspiration to shine through.


open mic



15 year old jumped on the stage with a swirl

Talked about the void that existed inside of her

Said she’s seeking something she cannot find each day during the grind

15 year old girlie kept on telling her story

Expressed that in fact she doesn’t know what it is that makes her worry

About what she seeks but cannot find

She wants it so bad and doesn’t know why

O girl, get our of yourself so you can fly

Fly fly and get away from your body and thinking mind

So you can discover what really counts

Get off your mount

Come down and see

A whole wide world full of people who don’t amount


To you

But it’s true

True that they do

Because they are you

And really I am speaking to me

I’m beginning to see that there’s a way to be free

And it doesn’t occur when I’m enveloped in thoughts, sadness, inferiority or superiority

I have to let go of this stress

Equalize my heart with others and then I can rest

What is the size of your faith?


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step-” Martin Luther King Jr.

Did u know that we as human beings can have whatever we want? We can overcome disease in body and mind. Yes it’s true don’t let anyone tell you different. Empirical support exists. In many books. Lots of diverse material out there all saying the same thing and I would be happy to provide a list to all who ask.
All I ask you is to have an open mind to this- consider it- if only for a moment. I guarantee at least one part of this concept has or will resonate with your soul as we are all one – sharing the truth of love and you cannot deny that from the bottom of your heart. There is no disconnection whatsoever. If u believe so, it is a lie. If u give to another u will feel love. Do not be scarce with your heart. Be generous. Allow inspiration to flow through you and do not forget you are a beautiful instrument with your own beautiful evolving gifts so give purpose to those gifts.  Allow yourself to feel, own and give back to the world. Like the cycle of our earth and water, energy is a continuous life giving moving force.
I write spontaneously because I see many dimensions in my heart that what’s written above happens to be our true nature. As a mass consciousness, we have many steps to take towards enlightenment but once you’ve seen a glimpse of this truth, you cannot turn back. All I ask of you, is to take the first step- take the first step in faith. Give your attention to one beautiful aspect inside of you and one aspect outside of you. Recognize the power in simple recognition. Grow in this faith.